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Coraline - Coral Patterned Beaded Detail Polish Glass Ball Ornament - Front

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• Mouth Blown, Hand Painted and Glittered in Poland

• Sterling Silver Lined Free Blown Glass Coral Patterned Ball Ornament

• Trimmed with Beading Detail and Czech Crystals

• 4" Diameter
Like a pearl found in the depth of the mighty sea’s brine, silent and sublime, Coraline sparkles and shines. Seashells softly clang and chime, dancing with the seaweed forever in time. Waves lap as the tides’ clock eternally resets and rewinds, under a moon and stars that glow resplendent and aligned. These are all celestial signs, each reflecting the omnipotent power of their tasks assigned. All are divine, part of God’s world so amazing and fine. They, like all of natures seeks to remind, we are all one as mere creatures God created and named humankind, all born with open hearts and minds,yours, ours and mine, so be thoughtful and kind.

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