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Aquarius- JingleNog - blue blown glass fish ornament handcrafted in Poland

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• Mouth Blown, Hand Painted and Glittered in Poland

• Sterling Silver Lined Glass Blue Fish with Pink Lips Ornament Trimmed

• 5" Long
When the Sun is in the 11th sign, and science and the unconventional collide, you will see markings of Aquarius. Our water bearer and stirrer scores high marks in school with over 500 million years of out of the box, pond and ocean thinking. Always described as a progressive, liberal and creative thinker, Aquarius is also an independent leader. Seeking out and treasuring all that is unique, Aquarius is often found in school, immersed in the unconventional journey of swimming against the current. The sign of Aquarius moves any day to a positive note. Initially seeming detached and withdrawn, Aquarius is really very social in nature and is likely to travel off the main stream with like-minded school mates. Cold blooded only in the fact that a fish is a fish, Aquarius quickly warms to new thoughts, theories or hypothesizes and is known to follow any ripples or currents in the air that bear the signs of change. A bit of a stubborn one but the perfect catch, suited for any Gemini, Libra or fellow Aquarian that can follow the vision of a futuristic society where every fish in the shoal can live and thrive in the element of air.

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