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Anser Goose Collectible Polish Glass Ornament - Front

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• Mouth Blown, Hand Painted and Glittered in Poland

• Sterling Silver Lined Glass Goose Ornament

• 5.25" Tall
On 12/1 no matter how the advent calendar falls, for Anser the Christmas preparations call. 12/2 is reserved for the potting of poinsettias. On 12/3 she rejoices by sharing her latest recipes for trifle, chocolate mousse and profiteroles. 12/4-15 the nativity play roles are assigned and rehearsals begin. 12/16-19 Anser plans her holiday trims, while creating garlands, swags and wreaths with local berries, nuts, spruce and greens. On 12/20 she gathers her gaggle round so they can quack carols all around the town. 12/21 despite it’s shortness is no day for rest, for this is when Anser dusts, counts her blessings and cleans her nest, 12/22 she starts her roux, polishes her shoes and all the church pews, quacking “my how time flew!” Each 12/23 is marked by the smell of her fresh baked buche de noels. 12/24 is Anser's day for prayer, feasting and rest. 12/25 she rises early to see what has been left in her stocking, then it’s off to church, followed by time at home with her flocking. 12/26 Anser sews and presses all the gosling dresses, then delivers gifts to those with less and prays “God bless” On 12/27 the clean up begins with acapella caroling. All day long our duck will be heard quacking and singing. 12/28, 29 & 30 is filled with the traditions of ice skating and planting young saplings, while enjoying whatever else happens to be happening. On 12/31 cackling and gobbling with plenty of cheer, Anser stays up til midnight with the turkeys to toast the New Year. Then on 1/1 with the rising of the sun, the holiday planning once again has begun!

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