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•Mouth Blown, Hand Painted, Decorated and Glittered In Italy

•Free Blown Glass Tiger Ornament

•7" Tall
Terrell is a dapper tiger dressed in green and blue, This cat is uniquely striped, it’s true, as seen by his un-feline like habits and points of view. Tigers, like many big cats are described as loners, but be it at breakfast, lunch or dinner,Terrell will chat and linger, eating only what is on his plate and nothing more, both habits that are highly unusual for his breed of carnivore. Tigers are also know to be great swimmers, and this healthy habit breeds great well toned figures, like Terrell who is svelte and could not be trimmer. But Terrell has never placed one paw in the water, and the thought of it makes him sweat and shudder. Terrell is not a striker, fighter or a biter, in fact, for any form of aggression he possesses no desire, avowing that debating is more satisfying and wiser, and so the gap between him and other tigers grows wider. Let me share one last untigerly trait, Terrell has never eaten a single bite of steak. Attesting that he cannot ingest a soul mate, only fruits and vegetables ever grace his plate. Terrell is a tiger that is a breed anew, with a harmonious and worldly view, and where he roams a peaceable kingdom ensues.

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