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Long Gang - Blue Patterned Ginger Jar Polish Glass Ornament Trimmed with Czech Crystals - Front

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Long Gang


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• Mouth Blown, Hand Painted and Glittered in Poland

• Sterling Silver Lined Glass Blue Patterned Ginger Jar Ornament Trimmed with Czech Crystals

• 5" Tall
Long ago when the tides first began to ebb and wane, there lived a great beast who the people named Long Gang. He was a long taled dragon with icy eyes and dagger fangs, who in his chosen people’s name, guarded their peaceful kingdom, watching from afar all who left or came. He was a creature who could not be tamed. At first the people were filled with doubts and feared pain, but soon hope, pride, and love for the dragon sprang, for his love was time and time again proven and proclaimed. Every time the tower bells rang, or the cymbals for help clanged, Long Gang would appear, making sure that all the kingdom’s homes and paths were clear, thwarting off all no do-gooders who were near. When the potential harm had been undone, the people would join in prayer as one in song, banging on their drums, heralding their protector Long Gang, until the next morning’s rising sun. One day from the mountains they heard a boom, bam, bing, they called for Long Gang but he did not come. For hours the sounds clung in the air and hung, boomeranging off the mountain rims until the day was done. From then until today, at night on the eave of every house a lantern overhangs, in remembrance of the last time the great dragon was seen. They still wonder what befell him or how he went astray, and hope their beloved lost Long Gang can find his way. But all that remains, are the memories that burn like a flame, and the many hearts that yearn to once again, sing this glorious dragon’s name.

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