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Hiland Sno-JingleNog - JingleNog's plaid jacket glass snowman ornament - front

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Hiland Sno-Jingle


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•Mouth Blown, Hand Painted and Glittered in Poland

•Sterling Silver Lined Glass Plaid Jacket Snowman Ornament

•6" Tall
Perfect balls shape this this snowman’s head, bottom and middle. His model proportioned physique is indeed prototypical, but his standard qualities are purely physical. This snowman can not be described as typical. Hiland Sno-Jingle is prone to the giggles. Comic and clever moves or remarks give him laughing bouts, which he tries to suppress with little success. His titter becomes an infectious laughter, then as if he choreographed it, his head and belly start to jiggle and he develops a jelly like wiggle, his hips and bottom bob and wobble, then he belly flops down, tips over and rolls round, with cheeks rosy and aglow his girth grows, til he is covered with new coat of snow. Sliding to an eventual stop, his hat is always amazingly intact. While he adores all things lighthearted and whimsical, Sno-Jingle’s is also a scholar and therefore quizzical. For years he has attempted to unravel the mysteries of snow history, studying blizzards each night until the hour is late, he researches and relates to each flake’s wakes, drifts and fates. His work never abates, for as he states “They are my mates. Our stormy history will melt away if not set to dates.” Each spring Sno-Jingle lingers until the last flake dwindles, eyes twinkling, he awaits the next season of snow sprinkles.

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