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Tess- JingleNog's hand crafted Polish glass sea turtle ornament - front

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•Mouth Blown, Hand Painted and Glittered in Poland

•Sterling Silver Lined Glass Sea Turtle Ornament

•4" Tall
Tess was the tiniest of turtles, and while she was much smaller than the rest of her bale, she stood out because of the unusual markings on her shell. By insensitive turtles who could not see beyond their common covers, she was often referred to as “ the other”. Tess was often left alone on the playground and at lunch, but she would not allow this to get her down, In fact, our heroine never once frowned. Some days her eyes might swell, but she would shake it off and refused to dwell, knowing that one day all would be well. Since she was wee her mom and pop had told her she was special, and each night they would retell the story of the tortoise and the hare, where faith, a steady course and persistence had prevailed. Soon Tess became most determined turtle anyone ever knew, as the markings on her back flourished and grew, her shell also morphed into lovely shades of green and blue. As soon as her shell bloomed, Tess became the height of fashion, suddenly “the other” look was everyone’s passion. There were look-alikes and wannabes galore, henna and stencil sales soared, everyone wanted what Tess had always worn. Despite all the hoopla Tess stayed grounded and true to herself, aiding and inspiring all “the others” that needed some help. Now that you know her story please pass it on, share it with everyone that feels a bit down or alone. Keep steadfast with your kindness and grace, embrace yourself despite any obstacles you face, and everything will eventually fall into place!

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