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Mouth Blown, Hand Painted and Glittered in Italy

•Free Blown Glass Sno-Mint Snowman Ornament

•7" Tall
This is a tale of snowfalls and balls, of love at first scent, of peppermint cravings, the deep peppo plunge, and the subsequent saving of our sweet snowy friend…. Our Sno-mint was created in a deep winter’s storm. Fashioned by the wee ones from a large drift and bank they created three perfect flake filled balls while working on planks. It was not soon after our snowboy had been rolled out and his three balls had been stacked that our newly formed friend was totally smitten. The smell was of peppermint sweet and slow stirred. His head went spinning and quickly he turned. Lo and behold, he sprung up and grew feet, popped out shoes, two eyes, a nose, but no cheeks. He ran to the peppermint vat with excitement and glee. Never a happier snowboy was there than he. Still new to the world, he could not resist and soon was hypnotized by the thought of a peppermint kiss. He tried to get closer, to get a good look. He toddled up the ladder, and tipped straight into the vat. He was saved by the bell and dried out for a spell but the mix was upon him and stuck to his sides. A new creature was born and a new sport for the young, the creation of a hybrid, and so the Sno-mints of JingleNog were born. Precocious,yes. Peppermint filled,almost. and permanent—definitely...

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