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Rodger - Glass Blue Robot Christmas Ornament by JingleNog - Front

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• Mouth Blown, Hand Painted and Glittered in Poland

• Sterling Silver Lined Molded Glass Robot Christmas Ornament

• 6" Tall
Rodger is a gleaming retro robot, who is a unique mechanical phenomenon. Unlike the rest of his assembly line produced metal lot, Rodger was never programmed to be an automaton. While still in production on the conveyer belt, in a moment of neo-robotic clarity, Rodger had an epiphany, robotics were not to be his destiny. So 60 years ago + he slipped out of the factory, without an inspection or warranty. Rodger was manufactured with the highest quality, all his bolts and screws remain always tightly locked, he has never required a polish or a caulk, but unlike his fellow robots, because he walked, Rodger never learned how to talk. For most beings this could be a roadblock, but for Rodger it has not mattered, he has been too busy for chatter. He became a superhero and aeronautical pioneer, ever ready to zoom in his flying saucer, he morphs at the speed of light, conquering aliens and monsters in the dark every night. No superhero has been in outer space longer, there is no force he cannot conquer, so under his watch the world continues to live long and prosper.

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