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R.Ed- JingleNog- blown glass red light bulb shaped clip Christmas ornament - front

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•Mouth Blown, Hand Painted and Glittered in Poland

•Sterling Silver Lined Glass Clip Swirl Light Bulb Ornament

•6.5" Tall
R. Ed is a shiny bright bulb, whose sparkling wit moves every limb to a laughing fit. While the content of R.Ed’s materials are at times baffling, it is his delivery that always gets everyone cackling. This holiday jokester is every comedian’s lodestar. His stringed bulb buddies hang in illuminated wonder, ruminating over R. Ed’s latest one line winners, and paraphrasing past season’s best zingers. R. Ed basks in the holiday spotlight, brightening every tree and all that keep his company. This twinkling one bulb show highlights any tree daily after twilight.

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