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Pinus Ogrod

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Pinus Ogrod


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•Mouth Blown, Hand Painted and Glittered in Poland.

•Silver Lined Molded Glass Garden Patterned Tree Ornament.

•6.5" Tall
Stepping off the pebbled path, we gently open the ancient garden gate, gingerly stepping in to see what awaits. The dew sits on the blossomed petals, as the warmth of the sun’s early rays starts to settle. The blanket from the morning’s misty haze, soon fades away, as the waking birds begin to chirp and play. A small ochre rabbit rubs his eyes and says “hello”. Then we know there must not be far to go. The path turns to a verdant moss and narrows, as we listen to a choir of sparrows. Skirted by beds of lady’s slippers, with each step the burgeoning vines grow thicker, the kaleidoscopic flowers larger, with colors more hypnotic and richer. “Beautiful” I hear my lips utter. The distant pines through the wind whisper back. I hold my breath as my heart beats fast and flutters. “Fa la la Ogrod, te he he, la la ogrod so lovely”. Suddenly with the sound of nearing wings and a clack, I am back, sitting at my desk pen in hand, with an empty hour glass, the light of the day slipping away, soon all of the faeries in the ogrod will be off to play.

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