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Pepponick-JingleNog's peppermint striped glass elf ornament - front

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•Mouth Blown, Hand Painted and Glittered in Poland.

•Silver lined Molded Glass Elf Ornament.

•5.5" Tall
Cousin to Nick, PeppoNick is JingleNog’s Confectioner. No one knows just how old PeppoNick or Nick are, but tales of both date as far back as 1897, just before the first stripes appeared on a candy cane and let’s just say PeppoNick was creating candy then just as he is today. The stripes on a candy cane—the origins are not clear. This is one of candy history’s great mysteries. No one knows for sure who started adding stripes to confections but one look at our pal PeppoNick and I think you may suspect as we do just who it may have been. It is also said that he had been spotted working at his candy vats, mixing and pouring day and night from early 1898 until December 1, 1899. Well the flavors of peppermint and wintergreen first appeared in late 1899. Again, no clear record is there. No one knows for sure who first created these flavors? Coincidence? Maybe . . . most likely not. It is rumored that PeppoNick was there by Gregory Keller’s side when he first used his automated candy making machine in the 1950s as well. Hard today to image a candy cane without color, a peppermint without it’s stripes or a world without wintergreen and peppermint. Shall we thank PeppoNick? We have. But he just grins, smiles and wiggles his gum drop nose and then well, away he toddles back to his candy vats and soon, a new sweet scent is everywhere…...

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