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Monkeyin' Around

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Monkeyin' Around


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• Mouth Blown, Hand Painted and Glittered in Poland

• Sterling Silver Lined Glass Monkey Ornament

• 6.5" Tall
“No Monkeyin’ Around” is often heard in the toy factory 24/7 on all 365 days of the year. He just cannot help himself. Everything calls to him. The shiny red and chrome of the fire trucks, the whistles on the new trains, the sweet cellophane wrapped stripes of the candy canes. What is a monkey to do? Well, what monkey’s does best, often, and always – PLAY! His mom and dad will often catch him swinging from the rafters on the jump ropes marked for “Scottie”, drawing with the new crayon and paint kits labeled for “Emily”, or cracking nuts with the jaws of the freshly painted nutcrackers. They will find him in the early hours of the morning or the wee hours of the night unwrapping presents for “Katie”, “Ford” and “Jim” because he “could not sleep not knowing what was inside!” He starts pogo stick relay races with the deer and snowball fights with the snowmen. He cuts and trims the ribbons and wrapping paper stacks until they are in shreds. He turns Santa’s sack inside out looking for “a little something”, and hides under his chair scribbling and playing with cards and jigsaw puzzles while Claus naps. He opens Gingerbread houses and licks them, ribbon candy he samples and chews on. He tries on the roller, hockey and ice skates regardless of size to see if they work on the new slides. His sweet smile and deep, earnest apologies make it hard to stay upset with him for long. So as soon as “no monkeyin’ around” been spoken he is off. He cannot help it. He is off Monkeyin’ Around…

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