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•Mouth Blown, Hand Painted and Glittered in Poland.

•Silver Lined Molded Glass Snow Thing Ornament.

•6.5" Tall
Maddy lived high in the mountains far away from villages, cities or towns. Our sweet woodland snow thing refused to do the Snow Thing and growl. Unlike his relatives, forebears and the others of his kind this Snow Thing did not want to create a ruckus or even a stir. He preferred to collect pinecones and berries to make wreaths with all year. He once saw the tree lights way down in the center of a small town and heard the sound of carols as all gathered round. He headed down closer, hoping to join in but no sooner was he spotted than the songs turned to screams and back up the hill he flew. Each year when the carols began Maddy would move from tree to tree slowly down the hill. He grew to know all the songs and wished that someday he could join in. One day, Maddy was practicing carols while he danced in the snow when two little people ventured up the mountain and into the woods. Their parents would not have approved. This is where the frightening Snow Things all lived. The two were drawn to the sweet caroling voice, and seeing nothing to fear took Maddy’s large paw and danced a few steps and then all three sang carols for hours while Maddy in joy wept. The hour grew late and the two little people asked Maddy if he would like to join them on their journey home. The three caroled down the mountain hand in hand.Just as they reached the village the square’s tree lights turned on that night. The trio sang and soon their parents appeared. It was quite clear, the elders could see, that Maddy — the Snow Thing, was not as he appeared and there was nothing to fear. Hand, in hand, old and young, all in the village joined in and sang with Maddy as one and a new yearly tradition in the village had just begun!

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