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•Mouth Blown, Hand Painted, Decorated and Glittered in Italy

•Free Blown Angel Mouse Ornament

•6" Tall
Bree grew up in the plains of Spain. A queso lover since birth, she dreamed of moving to Switzerland, where her favorite cheeses of Jarlsburg and Swiss came from. As she aged her passion for cheese grew, and with every new cheese she tasted, the more she knew, she belonged in the land of the Alps, she was a Swiss Miss through and through. One day she was introduced to Swiss cheese fondue. Bree created quite the sight and a true hulabaloo, loving this new dish she could not get enough, and dove straight into the pot, which was both steaming and hot. She was soon soaked up in the cheese like a piece of fresh bread, quite clearly she had lost her good mouse sense and head. She was sent directly to heaven, where she was given wings made of Swiss, and renamed Lorraine, and there til this day she remains, a happy Swiss Miss at last with no complaints.

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