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Laurel Drop

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Laurel Drop


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•Mouth Blown, Hand Painted and Glittered in Poland

•Sterling Silver Lined Free Blown Glass Drop Ornament

•7" Tall
This is the story of Laurel, who set out to lead a life straighter than an arrow, with the single goal of one day owning a halo. Incased in a self made barrel, Laurel avoided everyone for fear of a sinful downward spiral, which would leave the heavenly dream in peril. But soon Laurel realized this narrow life was being lived in vain, by missing the point in focusing only on self and the lofty aim. It was a noble cause but if no other heart was touched, and if there was no shaking, clapping or lending of an ear or hand, Laurel would not receive a halo in the end. Life needs heart throbs, aches and melts, laughter and pain must be shared or felt. Celestial love grows and overflows, and halos and sometimes sainthoods are bestowed, when we embrace all here below and above as sisters and brothers, and live by engaging in giving and doing unto others. Laurel's life was spent learning and passing on this lesson, and this awakening is our story's blessing.

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