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Larry Lapin - Pink and Green Plaid Easter Bunny with Baskets Ornament by JingleNog - Front

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Larry Lapin


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• Mouth Blown, Hand painted and Glittered in Poland

• Sterling Silver Lined Molded Glass Christmas Ornament

• Pink and Green Plaid Patterned Easter Bunny with Baskets

• 6" Tall
Larry Lapin is always moving. Never found sitting, asleep or napping, Larry’s paws are always tapping, his whiskers are ever twitching, his nose is always sniffing, and he is in his garden pruning and digging. This rabbit is a avid gardener, and no hare or farmer works harder. Reaping, weeding and sowing is his ardor. Everyday he tends to his veggies, herbs and flowers, toiling happily with a thumpity, thump, thump for hours, from dawn to dusk in sun, fog or rain showers. He keeps harmony with the slugs, bugs and the snails. In his garden only peace, joy and love prevail. The results of this concord are fruitful and irrefutable. Love and respect makes his crops and blooms bountiful, fragrant and beautiful.

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