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Isabella - special glass red star Christmas ornament trimmed with Czech crystals and gold tassel

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•Mouth Blown, Hand Painted and Glittered in Poland

•Sterling Silver Lined Glass Red Star Christmas Ornament Trimmed with Czech Crystals and Gold Tassel

•2.5" Tall
Tis said on the first twelfth night, no other stars were in sight, You alone shone constant and bright, the only celestial light. The moon slept, covered by his sable blanket, visible below as only a faint accent, the lingering afterglow from first advent. Looking up to find a sign, You were there and so sublime, a sight welcomed and divine, waiting til that time. Many questions asked, steadfast and twinkling back, You answered within as words lacked. We formed a silent sacred pact. Open to receive all prayers, You guide with directions, offer suggestions, and assist with lessons. Your presence is always felt, and impression known. We are never alone. With You everywhere is home.