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•Mouth Blown, Hand Painted and Glittered in Poland.

•Silver Lined Molded Humbug Ornament.

•6" Tall
Oh so full of woe, is the oft misunderstood and maligned humbug. Accused and assumed to be blowing snow, whilst in reality, this species is usually, at home with a thick book and cocoa mug, silently smiling and snug like any other bug. Indeed the humbug deserves a new introduction, and humans more introspection. For upon giving this species a closer study, it has been determined the humbug deserves an apology. Associating the humbug with trickery, is quite simply blasphemy. Humbugs have lived silently since Dickens’s time in agony, labeled by an inaccurate and unfortunate analogy. One can only wish that after Scrooge uttered “Bah Humbug”, he apologized and behaved more affably, but unfortunately he was at the time off base and crotchety. Ebenezer was the one that deserved all the mockery. Why did people listen to a man who prior to his epiphanies, spouted falsehoods and loved only property? Let it be known that unlike Scrooge humbugs on the contrary, have always been nothing but truthful and merry, celebrating Christmas as their favorite holiday!

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