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Flamingo Nick


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•Mouth Blown, Hand Painted and Glittered in Poland.

•Silver Lined Molded Glass Flamingo Patterned Santa Ornament.

•6" Tall
They named him Flamingo Nick, rumor has it he arrived years ago on a cargo ship, carrying a basket of pink hibiscus at his hip. His favorite bird—the flamingo decorated his frock, and everyone passing by stopped to admire him or gawk. With a slow and steady pace to his walk, he carefully searched every downtown block, and then scoured the seaside areas and docks, searching for a lost member of his flock. At sundown he knelt down to pray, and then fell sound asleep dockside on bales of hay. In the morning everyone awoke to a stand of a million flamingos. A sea of pink was outside every village window. Flamingo Nick was nowhere to be found, and by noon the flamingos were no longer around. Everyone for miles soon heard, about the unusual stranger and his herd, and the odd incident that had occurred. A young lad named Don found the only trace of the birds. Alone at dusk he heard the faint sound of chimes and a psalm, and then a bright pink feather floated into his palm, which he kept in his chest pocket from that day on.

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