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Filbert von Cracka- JingleNog's hand painted nutcracker ornament - front

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Filbert von Cracka


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•Mouth Blown, Hand Painted and Glittered in Poland
•Sterling Silver Lined Mouth Blown European Glass Nutcracker Christmas Ornament with Czech Crystals
•6" Tall
Filbert von Cracka was crafted many years ago in wood, and where he was finished he has forever faithfully stood, never speaking a word or in need of food, he remains ever smiling and in a cheery mood. He is sometimes at first glance thought to be a man, but after spotting Filbert’s back you know he’s of the nutcracker clan. He has teeth that could crack any walnut, cashew or pecan, but like his feet, his teeth have never moved, he remains stationary with his gaze and position glued. For this loyal Cracka will not be moved or stirred, his focus cannot be distracted or deterred. He remains ever on duty for it is understood, Filbert von Cracka guards all boys and girls who are good!

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