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Emily- JingleNog's free blown Italian glass seahorse ornament - side view

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•Mouth Blown, Hand Painted and Glittered in Italy

•Free Blown Glass Seahorse Ornament

6" Tall
Emily is one fine filly who is a pure hearted gal patterned in a different stripe and color. She embodies the true JingleNoggean spirit of sharing, caring & celebrating. A great mentor and teacher, she is always ready to give advice to the guppies and tadpoles, and is the first to lend a fin to any seamate in need.She coaches the JingleNog swim team racers, letting them know what they should work on to improve. Our champion swimmer learned a lesson or two from the turtle and the hare.Up with the crows she greets each morning with a long to do list. A champion in the curl tail races, she swims an untold number of laps each day. Her record for the Salt Side Stakes stands untouched year after year.

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