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Dino - JingleNog's blown glass dinosaur ornament - front

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•Mouth Blown, Hand Painted and Glittered in Poland
•Sterling Silver Lined Blown Glass Dinosaur Christmas Ornament Trimmed with Czech Crystals
•6" Tall
Dino was born with small golden wings, that once upon a time constantly flapped and fluttered, until the day when they began to whir and sputter, and then stopped working altogether. Dino had an extremely long tail and large round bottom, both of which helped to soften rough landings, but were also the attributes that some suggest broke his wings and left him grounded. Indeed the plausibility of Dino’s flying defied all sensibilities, based on the size of his wings, his weight and the principles of gravity. The wing malfunction was a concern to Dino’s loving mother, but Dino simply shrugged and said "No matter." For flying was not what made Dino’s heart go pitter patter. This leaf green, spotted and perfectly pear shaped dragon, found his calling in another passion. Dino had an extreme proclivity for a certain non-airborne activity. Through hours of lifting and flexing his brain, between volumes in the library for days, Dino developed an exceptional mental strength and weight. No one could keep up with his voracious pace. Within each book’s text was where he flew and drew figure 8s. At the beginning, middle or end of a chapter was where he spread his wings and played.

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