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Chris de Vine- JingleNog-Red Coat Santa Ornament-Front View

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Chris de Vine


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•Mouth Blown

•Hand Painted and Glittered in Poland

•Silver Lined Molded Glass Santa Ornament

•6.75" Tall
His name is Chris de Vine. He lives deep within the forest’s pines, serving as a silent guide, with his lantern ever glowing at his side. Never moving in a straight line, He has throughout the course of time, intersected and entwined, each mountain, hill, valley and dell, with every woodland path and trail, into one harmoniously sublime design, that is not visible to the flightless eye or mind. His work can only be viewed by those with wings, either outward or within. This is where the story both ends and begins, as a journey felt and heard but not seen.

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