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Candela-JingleNog-Italian Freeblown Glass Clip Candle Christmas Ornament - side view

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•Mouth Blown, Hand Painted, Decorated and Glittered In Italy

•Free Blown Glass Clip Candle Christmas Ornament

•6" Tall
Once upon a time by the light of the Christmas tree, a wee sparkling eyed elf visited me. He appeared from the trunk of the tree. I rubbed my eyes, certain this was a reverie. I could not utter a sound, my head and lips were in a state of daze and astound. The square room became round as I dropped to the ground. The soft glow of the trees candle tips waivered, and soon my fears and apprehension faded, as my visitor gently helped me up, dusted me off, and got close up. Not a word between us was spoken, but in the gleam of his eyes I knew this moment I was beholding, was not another sugar and snowflake filled dream, but a candlelight meeting rare and golden. He smiled, winked and nodded, and with his eyes he asked if there was anything I needed or wanted, but before I could give thanks or get words into my noggin, he climbed back into the limbs of the tree and sadly we parted. Now I believe that many nights by the light of the tree, deep in the limbs my friend is there watching over me.

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