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Babbo Zani


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•Mouth Blown, Hand Painted and Glittered in Poland

•Sterling Silver Lined Glass Harlequin Patterned Santa Ornament

•6.25" Tall
This harlequin patterned fella is Babbo Zanni, next to Christmas his favorite holiday is Carnevale. He hails from a long line of jesters and comedians, so not surprisingly entertaining is this chap’s medium. A comic, an actor and a clown, Babbo Zanni can be at times channel a chameleon, but his droll and quick witted antics can always be relied upon, to lift any malaise, frowns and yawns, and bring waves of laughter on. His resemblance to his daddy and grampy is uncanny, both were legendarily debonair and funny. He is a dashing gent who is admittedly a dandy. A lover of adornments and all things fancy, he blushes when referred to by his fans as a bit ‘o eye candy. While he lives to be adored and admired, and is versed in all aspects of finery and niceties, he does not aspire to a spot in society, feeling it requires too much conformity. Babbo Zanni is a champion of humanity, cherishing freedom and individuality. He will always be the apple of his mama’s eye, and not a day passes by, without a visit to see her “ little divertente guy”.

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