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Willie- blown glass hand made mouse ornament by JingleNog - front

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•Mouth Blown, Hand Painted and Glittered in Poland.
• Sterling Silver Lined Glass Christmas Mouse Ornament
•5.5" Tall
This little house mouse is named Willie. He lives in a high rise in the city. A culture loving rodent, he is often spotted at the theaters and museums, eliciting shrieks from all that see him. He is a passionate foodie who rises and breakfasts early, dining out at delis and restaurants for three meals daily. While his physique is petite, his appetite cannot be sated. As soon as a meal is complete, he begins to look for a bite to eat. He is capable of eating every morsel in an 12 story apartment house, but this is not why our Willie an unusual mouse. What makes him unique is that he cannot stomach anything milky. All dairy products make him sneeze and wheeze, he is so highly allergic to cheese, a mere whiff will bring him to his knees. He eats only veggies, carbs, fish and meat, finishing every meal with either a bite of fruit or sweet. As you might by now suspect, this mouse about town has met most of the city’s great chefs.

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