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Love Toppa

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Love Toppa


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•Mouth Blown, Hand Painted and Glittered in Poland

•Silver Lined Free Blown Glass Tree Topper

•16" Tall
In the ancient time of fairies and dragons, moss cover mountains and rolling clover filled hills, lived a king and his queen in a vine covered silver castle that overlooked their lush and peaceful kingdom. The King had recently come to the throne with his new bride. The two were deeply in love and could not bear to be apart. The royal couple one day announced with great excitement to all in their kingdom that the Queen was with child. Everyone rejoiced and celebrated at this news. Each June the Crowned Head Roundtable Meeting was held. Every kingdom’s leader attended. The young queen who had not been parted from her husband since their wedding day quietly fretted to herself about his pending absence and her heart grew heavy. The King so deeply loved his bride that he could sense her sadness and despair. He prayed that he could find a way to give his wife a sense of comfort before he left on the trip. The night before he departed he sat alone in his throne room and started to weep. “Why can I not cover her in kisses and hold her while I am away?" he cried out. The next morning as the King rode over the drawbridge and away from his silver castle, a miracle occurred. As his horse stepped off the bridge he turned back to wave to the Queen. He blew her a kiss and as he did so heart filled gold vines started to appear. They quickly spread and soon covered the castle walls. It was a beautiful and miraculous sight. Everyone gasped and the Queen began to laugh in joy. She blew a kiss back to her husband and the vines quickly covered the drawbridge, his horse and his armor. The two laughed and called out farewell and “I love you” to one another before the king rode off. The Queen, King, their eight children, and everyone in the kingdom lived happily ever after and we understand the castle still stands with the ever shining heart and vines til this day.

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