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Henry the Hollihead

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Henry the Hollihead


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•Mouth Blown, Hand Painted and Glittered in Italy.

•Free Blown Italian Glass Snowman Ornament.

•5" Tall
As the story is often recalled, early one winter after the first snow fall,Henry was created by the rolling of two snow balls. All the children joined together to make a snowman. One ran home and returned with a top hat, another a fresh carrot for his nose,and by the first call for dinner Henry the snowman had been born. Henry had twigs for arms, eyes made from nuts, and buttons from stones,but all Henry wished for that night was friends, and a place to call home. He waited in the play ground where they built him, ready to play the next day,but everyone ran by him. “They will come back later” he said. The next day and the following he looked hopefully on. By the seventh day he tried to keep his chin up but by the eighth day he was forlorn. That night in a heavy rainfall Henry lost his nose, then a button, and finally a mouse took one eye home. The following day was barren and his hat blew away in the frigid howling wind. He awoke the next morning to a blizzard. Soon all the children were out on their sleds making snowballs when one saw Henry and fixed his missing button with a new stone. If he had ears his smile would have touched both it was so broad. Then someone fashioned a new snow collar for Henry’s neck and a new nut was found for his eye. Henry was so happy, if he could have he would have cried. A young girl had an orange balloon in her pocket she had been cherishing for weeks but gave it to Henry saying, “Here you go, sorry, this is yours to keep.” Suddenly everyone on the playground gathered round. Each made their apologies and gave Henry a hug and then a large sprig of holly was placed on Henry's head. “Henry the Hollihead” everyone cried! Henry raised his head high, proud of his new topper and trims. He wanted to thank them. He hoped they would never leave and with all his strength he puffed up his chest blew into his new nose and held his breath. Everyone giggled and stepped back and laughed. “Did you see?” The balloon on his nose extended out long enough to make any dachshund proud. From that day forward until the beginning of spring everyone would play with Henry and make sure he was properly trimmed. Each year now they rebuild him and pass the tradition on, for creating a snowman is only part of the fun. Building friendships is the best fun of all!

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