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Cygie- JingleNog-Italian Free blown glass swan Ornament- front view

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•Mouth Blown, Hand Painted, Decorated and Glittered in Italy

•Free Blown Glass Swan Ornament

•4" Length
Cygie - beautiful, full feathered and elusive. She glides through the waters of the lake, leaving not the smallest of ripples in her wake. The surface seems as if instead of mild water, it is a mirror of azure ice or cerulean glass. Her twinkling tiara is indeed her crown, but it is only a small part of her full Cygnus glory. Her jewels are draped ever so carefully around her signature-long, statuesque neck. Who place the necklace there? She elegantly creates the perfect figure 8, softly trumpets her sweet entrancing song, and slowly glances back. Perhaps to see if she has been sighted? Then as gracefully as she appeared, in a breathe she is gone, taking her secrets with her. She has saved them until perhaps the next sighting.

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