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•Mouth Blown, Hand Painted and Glittered in Italy

•Free Blown Glass Rooster Ornament

•6" Tall
This is a clever rooster of a different feather, who is unique beyond all measures. A quick witted scholar and a wise bellwether, he brings all creatures from the farms and woods together. He has a remarkable cockadoodledoo, which he belts out at his leisure, to everyone in his barnyard’s pleasure. Never one for the early rise, the timing of his first cockadoodledoo is always a surprise. While the farmers round town think this rather askew, those who live with him have no issue. He spends hours reading while hanging upside down, invites his foes the hawk and the fox to hang around, plays tumble the cock and cow each day at sundown, and eats his seed with a spoon on a plate while sitting down, traits to which some have frowned, but to which he politely responds “what’s the harm?” Wise beyond his years and feathers, the spectrum of opinions he has weathered, all to which he responds with no qualms whatsoever, “I am a bird of a different feather! You are too, but it seems this you have yet to discover!”

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